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Hand crafted coffees etc.

made to order

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Local Hand-Crafted Coffee

Coffee snobs, coffee connoisseurs, coffee fanatics…ALL terms we love & understand here at Full Steam Espresso. Our baristas are trained in the art of making your coffee just the way you want it while keeping the traditional skills of an artisan barista. We invite you to experience an amazing cup of coffee at FSE!

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Smoothies & energy drinks

In a world where everything is fast paced & nothing gets done without YOU, we fully understand the need for speed! To help with that, we’ve designed a full energy drink menu to keep you going & going & going &….try our Super Hero & Ninja Turtle line of energy drinks! And let’s not get started on our smoothies…deliciousness in a cup..the end!

Opening Hours

Monday 5:30 - 7:00
Tuesday 5:30 - 7:00
Wednesday 5:30 - 7:00
Thursday 5:30 - 7:00
Friday 5:30 - 7:00
Saturday 6:00 - 7:00
Sunday 6:00 - 6:00
call: 208-733-2493

Don't want to wait?

Use our app, skip the line…

It’s simple as texting “coffee” to 474747. Download our app, locate Full Steam Espresso, order your beverages. Pull up to our pick-up lane and we will run out your order.

The most popular drinks at


  • Cherry Bomber

    Espresso, Milk, White Chocolate, B52, Cherry (topped with white chocolate cherry drizzle)
  • Cold brew

    Iced coffee from fresh grounds saturated 24 hours (Favorite add ons - FSE Sweet Cream, Heavy Cream or Half & Half)
  • Salted Caramel Mocha

    Espresso, Milk, Toffee Nut, Chocolate (Topped with caramel drizzle and salted caramel bits)
  • The Atomic

    Espresso, Milk, White Chocolate, Hazelnut (Topped with caramel drizzle)
  • Butter Beer Latte

    Espresso, Milk, Caramel, Cinnamon, English Toffee (Topped with caramel drizzle and salted caramel bits)
  • Dolce Fine

    Espresso, Milk, Caramel, Vanilla (Topped with caramel drizzle)
  • White chocolate mocha

    Espresso, Milk, White Chocolate (topped with whipped cream)

Let us educate you




A full-flavored, concentrated form of coffee that is served in “shots.” It is made by forcing pressurized, hot water through very finely ground coffee beans.



In the most basic terms, it is an espresso with a dash of milk. The name macchiato comes from Italian, and it means marked, stained or spotted.



Traditionally a short shot of espresso coffee made with the normal amount of ground coffee but extracted with about half the amount of water in the same amount of time by using a finer grind.



Typically composed of double espresso and hot milk, with the surface topped with foamed milk.



An iced beverage that has been shaken, blended or beaten to produce a tasty, foamy, and refreshing drink.


Irish mocha

A mixture consisting of hot coffee, Irish syrup, chocolate, stirred and topped with cream.



Like a cafe latte, it is typically one third espresso and two thirds steamed milk, but a portion of chocolate is added, typically in the form of chocolate syrup.



We mix a tart hot black coffee with a sweet freshness of vanilla ice cream and cover all of it with chocolate topping

LOVE my Full Steam crew! They are the absolute best, they know my order by heart and always have it ready as soon as they see me pull up. Their service is amazing and so personal, they truly value their customers. Not to mention that they’re by far the best coffee in town! And soooo affordable. Make Full Steam your number Twin Falls coffee spot! ❣️❣️

Kira Ann Green

Great customer service, fast paced and always great drinks!

Sara Ballard

One of my new favorite drive up coffee options in Twin Falls, great location, quality beverages at a low cost with awesome service, happy hour after 5pm and easy to track rewards, plus best part is they have a super yum butterbeer latte on their main menu and every drink comes with a chocolate covered espresso bean! 🙂 #coffeenerd

Monica M. Miller

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