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FSE Employee Handbook


Located below you will find the Full Steam Espresso – Employee Handbook. This is a guide to assist you in your journey with us in the coffee world. All contents are considered in employee evaluations & reviews for advancement in the company. Please read through every section and know them by heart!



1.1 We Support Each Other

1.2 Changes in Policy

1.3 Employment Applications

1.4 Employment Relationship


2.1 Team Member Defined

2.2 Team Member Status


3.1 Harassment and Discrimination Free Workplace

3.2 Team Member Representation

3.3 Substance Abuse

3.4 Social Media

3.5 Internet and Cell Phone/Electronic Device Use


4.1 Staff Meetings

4.2 Updates and Information

4.3 Open Door Policy


5.1 Non-Disclosure of Confidential Information

5.2 Outside Employment 

5.3 New Team Member Orientation

5.4 Introductory Period for New Team Member

5.5 Hours of Operation and Work Schedules

5.6 Punctuality and Attendance

5.7 Breaks and Meals

5.8 Personnel Files

5.9 Personnel Data Changes

5.10 Eligibility to Work Compliance

5.11 Authorization to Work Permits

5.12 Performance Review and Planning Sessions

5.13 Corrective Action

5.14 Employment Termination

5.15 Safety

5.16 Health of Team Members

5.17 Team Member Requiring Medical Attention

5.18 Inclement Weather and Emergency Closings

5.19 Building Security

5.20 Expenditures and Expense Reimbursement

5.21 Parking

5.22 Company Telephone Use

5.23 Tobacco Use and Smoking

5.24 Dress Code and Personal Hygiene 


6.1 Wage and Salary Increases

6.2 Timekeeping 

6.3 Overtime

6.4 Paydays


7.1 Leave

7.2 Paid Vacation

7.3 Civic Responsibility

7.4 Holidays

7.5 Workplace Accident Coverage

7.6 Health Insurance

7.7 Team Member Discounts


This handbook is designed to acquaint you with Full Steam Espresso and provide you with information about expectations, working conditions, benefits and policies affecting your employment.

The following information applies to all team members of Full Steam Espresso. Following the policies described in the handbook is considered a condition of continued employment. The contents of this handbook shall not constitute nor be construed as a promise of employment or as a contract between Full Steam Espresso and any of its team members. Nor should anything in the handbook be considered to limit any right of any employee under Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act.

The handbook lays out our company vision, culture, and expectations, and is intended to provide information to help you succeed in your position. This handbook, together with Full Steam Espresso procedures and training, will help you on your way.

Team members are responsible for reading, understanding, and complying with the provisions of the handbook. You will be asked to affirm that you have read, understand, agree to abide by, and acknowledge your receipt of this team member handbook.


We are humble, kind, respectful, friendly, professional, supportive, honest, helpful, and passionate. No matter the position, all team members contribute, share, and educate. We embody these characteristics at all times: when we interact with the public, with our customers, our wholesale accounts, our suppliers, and all others in the industry. We strive to foster an environment that makes each team member look forward to coming in to work on a daily basis.

All who work for Full Steam Espresso are part of an outstanding team. Our culture is positive, inclusive, supportive, and fun. Our brand, image, and name are synonymous with originality, class, and respect. Full Steam Espresso came to fruition as a result of a lifelong dedication of its founding partners and will continue to be successful with hard work, passion and dedication from existing and future team members.

We work hard to set ourselves apart from others by being a friend and resource to others in the industry. Expectations are set high and should be taken seriously. We expect excellence of all team members.


This handbook supersedes all previous team member manuals and memos that may have been issued. As our business and our organization are subject to change, we reserve the right to interpret, change, suspend, cancel, or dispute – with or without notice – all or any part of our policies, procedures, and benefits at any time. We will notify all team members of these changes. Changes will be effective on the dates determined by Full Steam Espresso and after those dates all superseded policies will be null. No individual, other than an owner, has the authority to change policies at any time.


We rely upon the accuracy of information contained in the employment application (when applicable) and the accuracy of other data presented throughout the hiring process and employment. Any misrepresentations, falsifications, or material omissions in any of this information or data may result in exclusion of the individual from further consideration for employment or, if the person has been hired, termination of employment.


Employment with Full Steam Espresso is “at will”. That means you enter into employment voluntarily, and you are free to resign at any time for any reason or no reason. Similarly, Full Steam Espresso is free to sever its relationship with any team member at any time for any legal reason or for no reason at all.



A “team member” is defined as a person who regularly works for Full Steam Espresso on an hourly or salary basis. Team members may include exempt, non-exempt, regular full-time, regular part-time, and temporary persons, and others employed, who are subject to the control and direction of Full Steam Espresso in the performance of their duties.



Depending on title and responsibilities, certain team members are exempt from certain requirements of the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act). Non-exempt employees (generally paid hourly) are entitled to overtime pay. Exempt employees (generally paid on a salary basis) are not. Full Steam Espresso will establish the appropriate classification under the FLSA for each position and this information will be provided with each position’s wage information and/or job description.


Team members who have completed the 90-day introductory period, and who are regularly scheduled to work 35 or more hours per week, are considered full time. Generally, regular full-time employees are eligible for company sponsored benefits subject to the terms, conditions, and limitations of each benefit program.


Team members who have completed the 90-day introductory period and who are regularly scheduled to work less than 35 hours per week are considered part-time. Regular part-time team members are eligible for some company sponsored benefits subject to the terms, conditions, and limitations of each benefit program.


Team members who are expected to remain in a position only for a certain period of time are considered temporary. Temporary employees are hired as interim replacements to assist with specific projects or vacation relief, or whose performance is being evaluated to determine whether further employment in a specific position or with Full Steam Espresso is appropriate. Employment beyond any initially stated period does not in any way imply a change in employment status. Temporary team members retain that status until they are notified of a change. Temporary team members are not eligible for company sponsored benefit programs other than limited team member discounts.


Full Steam Espresso is a supportive team where we work together as a team to achieve a common goal. As such, all team members are expected to conduct themselves honestly, professionally, ethically, with a high degree of personal integrity, and always within the limits of the law.

The mutual respect that is gained as a result of adherence to these high standards encourages a positive and productive work environment. This not only involves respect for the rights of others but also requires team members to refrain from behavior both in their professional and private life that might be harmful to themselves, their coworkers, or Full Steam Espresso.

While not intended to list all the forms of behavior that are considered unacceptable and grounds for immediate dismissal without prior notice or corrective action, the following are examples of conduct that will not be tolerated by Full Steam Espresso:

  • All forms of harassment and discrimination
  • Theft or inappropriate removal or possession of property belonging to Full Steam Espresso or fellow team members
  • Dishonesty
  • Working under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Fighting or threatening violence in the workplace
  • Excessively boisterous or disruptive activity in the workplace
  • Gross insubordination
  • Falsifying timekeeping records or other employment documents
  • The possession or use of firearms or other weapons on any company property
  • Deliberate damage or negligence to Full Steam Espresso property
  • Using Full Steam Espresso equipment for purposes other than business
  • Disclosure of Company Name Protected and Confidential Information

Because Full Steam Espresso’s rules for standards of conduct are essential to providing excellent service to our customers, supporting a safe and productive work environment for our team members, and operating our business at the highest level of efficiency and integrity, the provisions of this section will be promptly and fairly enforced.


Full Steam Espresso is committed to providing a work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Team members have the right to work in an environment free of harassment and discrimination. Full Steam Espresso prohibits, and will not tolerate, harassment or discrimination in any form, whether it be verbal, physical, in person, or on-line. Specifically, Full Steam Espresso prohibits harassment and discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation), familial/marital status, national origin, age, disability, family medical history or genetic information, political affiliation, military service, or level of academic education. Full Steam Espresso reserves the right to add to this list.

For the purposes of this policy, harassment, including sexual harassment, is defined as any verbal or physical conduct designed to threaten, intimidate or coerce a team member or any person working for or on behalf of Full Steam Espresso. Harassment can be any conduct that interferes with the ability of a person to perform their job functions or when it creates a hostile or offensive work environment. Sexual harassment can occur between a man or woman, between individuals of the same sex, and individuals of all gender identities.

The following examples of harassment, including sexual harassment, are intended to be guidelines and are not exclusive when determining whether there has been a violation of this policy:

  • Verbal slurs or other unwanted or offensive remarks.
  • Sharing obscene or offensive images.
  • Any treatment which may diminish a person’s sense of identity, dignity, and self-worth.
  • Stalking, bullying, or cyber-bullying.
  • Interfering with normal work functions, including blocking or interfering with movement.
  • Any act of physical violence or threat of physical violence.
  • Unsolicited and unwelcome sexual comments, advances, or requests for sexual favors used as a condition of employment or affecting any personnel decisions such as hiring, promotion or compensation.
  • Unwanted physical contact such as pinching, grabbing, rubbing, or any form of unwelcome touching, forced sexual intercourse, assault.


If you believe you have experienced or witnessed harassment or discrimination, promptly report the incident to the Human Resources department. Full Steam Espresso will take appropriate and immediate action in response to any complaints or knowledge of violations of this policy. All action taken in response to a complaint or knowledge of a violation will be done so while doing our best to maintain confidentiality.

Retaliation for reporting any incident of discrimination or harassment is not permitted, and is expressly and strictly against Full Steam Espresso policy. Because of the damaging nature of harassment or discrimination to the victims and to the entire workforce, aggrieved team members are strongly urged to report any instances. Note, however, that groundless or malicious complaints are considered an abuse of this policy and will be treated as a violation.


Because we are a business that prides itself on being humble, kind, respectful, friendly and professional towards its customers, and other members of the coffee community, it is important that we present ourselves as such.

Team members are expected to refrain from intolerant, biased, argumentative, confrontational and disrespectful behavior, as well as any other negative forms of behavior. Team members must never bad-mouth or exhibit arrogant behavior towards any competition, others in the industry, partners, or fellow Full Steam Espresso team members.


Full Steam Espresso is committed to providing a safe and productive workplace for its team members. In keeping with this commitment, the following rules regarding alcohol and drug consumption and abuse have been established for both regular and temporary team members, regardless of rank or position. These rules apply to all team members while they are on Full Steam Espresso property, during business hours, during scheduled work hours, and while performing any work or business for Full Steam Espresso whether on company property or elsewhere.

The following are prohibited:

  • Manufacturing, distributing, transferring, possessing, selling, or purchasing illegal drugs on Full Steam Espresso property.
  • Working, reporting to work, conducting company business offsite, or being on Full Steam Espresso property while under the influence of alcohol, cannabis, illegal drugs, or in an impaired condition.
  • Consuming an illegal drug, cannabis, or alcohol, or any controlled substance, while on Full Steam Espresso property or while performing work off-site for the company (unless approved by ownership or conducting Full Steam Espresso related duties, i.e. beer/distillery collaborations,).
  • Working while under the influence of prescription drugs that may impair performance.

There may be occasions such as work-sponsored functions, work-related collaborations, or other instances where incidental alcohol consumption is permissible. In such situations, approval from the owner of the company can be requested. In any event, our expectation is that you will use your best judgment and act in a way consistent with Full Steam Espresso’s expectations.


Full Steam Espresso understands that social media (communicating or posting information on the internet) can be a fun and rewarding way to share your life and opinions with family, friends, and coworkers around the world. However, use of social media also presents certain risks and carries with it certain responsibilities.

When engaging in social media, please remember that you are solely responsible for what you post online. Please also keep in mind that your conduct is subject to the principles and guidelines found in Full Steam Espresso’s conduct policies, and violations of those guidelines may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.



Team members are allowed to use the Internet on company computers or devices only for work related activities unless otherwise authorized by a manager. Personal use of the internet should be done on team members’ own personal mobile devices during designated breaks.


Full Steam Espresso recognizes that cell phones are an integral part of everybody’s life. However, problems may arise when they are used imprudently or excessively. Team members are expected to use their cell phones during break periods only. Cell phones should be kept in your locker or in a designated area for team members’ personal belongings while you are performing the functions of your job.

Cell phone use for some team members is necessary to accomplish the daily functions of their job. Common sense and direction from your manager will guide you in your cell phone use for work activities.

Use of a cell phone or mobile device to listen to music or podcasts while working must be authorized by a manager. Full Steam Espresso expects that team members will not abuse this privilege by responding to texts and personal phone calls that are received during this time beyond reason and common sense.

Team members using a Full Steam Espresso company vehicle or driving as a function of their job must adhere, and are subject to, all state laws regarding the use of cell phones while driving.



Staff meetings are an important time for team members and management to get together and talk about recent company activities, changes in operations, updates on community involvement, and team member recognition. Full Steam Espresso recognizes this time as valuable for team building and keeping team members informed.

Team member staff meetings are held on a regular basis specific to each Full Steam Espresso work site. All Staff meetings are held less frequently but are as important and all Full Steam Espresso team members are required to attend. We will do our best to schedule meetings at a time that is convenient for all employees. However, some employees may be expected to attend meetings that are not during their regular working hours. Employees will be paid for the time they are required to attend the meeting.


From time to time, information and quick updates may be made available to team members through the official FSE Facebook Team page, memos (email), the official FSE Google calendar and postings on bulletin boards in team member areas. Team members are required to review and keep up to date on information made available through these resources.


Every team member at Full Steam Espresso is vital to our continued growth and success. Almost everyone has an occasional idea, question, or problem relating to their job at Full Steam Espresso. We encourage you to communicate these thoughts to a manager or an owner as soon as possible via email or, if a longer conversation is needed, to set an appointment to meet in person.

We also encourage team members to share any suggestions or thoughts on how to improve their work experience. Please share any thoughts on the workplace, environment, culture, and community involvement, with your manager or an owner. 

We want to hear from you!



The protection of confidential business information and trade secrets is vital to the interests and success of Full Steam Espresso. Protected Information includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Products, recipes, and training methods
  • Personnel/Payroll records
  • Financial information
  • Marketing strategies
  • Intellectual Property
  • Pending projects and proposals
  • Proprietary production processes
  • Roasting, green coffee sourcing, blending (coming soon)
  • Wholesale account information
  • Customer and Supplier lists
  • Business-related communications with a client, customer, or supplier

Each team member of Full Steam Espresso shall: (a) not disclose Protected Information, directly or indirectly, to any third person by any means, without the express written consent of Full Steam Espresso, (b) hold and maintain all Protected Information in trust and confidence for the benefit of the company and (c) not copy, transmit, translate, reproduce, summarize, quote or make any commercial or other use of any Protected Information, except for the benefit of Full Steam Espresso.

Team members who improperly use or disclose trade secrets or confidential business information will be subject to disciplinary action up to, and including, termination of employment and legal action, even if they do not actually benefit from the disclosed information.


Team members may hold outside jobs in non-related businesses or professions if they meet the performance standards of their job with Full Steam Espresso. Unless an alternative work schedule has been approved, team members will be subject to Full Steam Espresso’s scheduling demands, regardless of any existing outside work assignments.


New team member orientation is a formal welcoming process that is designed to make team members feel comfortable and informed about Full Steam Espresso, and to prepare for the job. Orientation is conducted by the management team and includes an overview of the company history, an explanation of the company’s core values, vision, mission, and the company goals and objectives.

Team members are granted access to the official Facebook FSE Team Page, the official FSE Google calendar, a review of their job description, and an overview of benefits and tax and legal issues. Team members are presented with all codes, keys, and procedures needed to navigate within the workplace, are given a tour of the work site, and are introduced to staff throughout the company,


The first 90 days of employment are considered the introductory period for regular full-time and regular part-time team members. During this time, team members have the opportunity to evaluate Full Steam Espresso as a place to work, and management has its first opportunity to evaluate the team member’s capabilities, work habits, and overall performance. As close to the end of the introductory period as is feasible, team members will meet with their manager to review their work, and discuss their employment prospects with the company going forward. During this introductory period, time off requests will not be granted unless it is an emergency or illness (with a doctors note).


Team members are scheduled to work based on operational needs. A schedule will be provided to each team member with a minimum of seven (7) days prior notice. To accommodate operational needs, it may be necessary to change individual work schedules on either a short-term or long-term basis from time to time.

The standard workweek is 40 hours of work. In the computation of various team member benefits, the team member workweek is considered to begin on Monday (starting at 12:01 a.m.) through Sunday (ending at 12:00 a.m.) unless a manager makes other prior arrangements with the team member.



Each team member is expected to report for work, and be ready to work, at their scheduled start time. If you are unable to work as scheduled or cannot avoid being late, you should call your manager as soon as possible, and always before your scheduled start time. This will allow for your manager and other team members to arrange for temporary coverage of your duties and to continue work in your absence. If you become ill while at work or must leave for some other reason before the end of your shift, be sure to inform your manager of the situation.

  • Team members who arrive more than ten (10) minutes after their scheduled start time will be considered late for work.
  • Team members who are absent or late are expected to provide a reason or explanation, or their tardiness will be considered unexcused.
  • A physician’s note may be requested in the case of 3 or more consecutive days of absence due to illness.
  • Employees who are late or absent without excuse for 3 days in a six-month period will be subject to discipline by Full Steam Espresso management.

If you are absent from work for two (2) consecutive days without notifying your manager or an owner (no call/no show), you will be considered to have abandoned your job and voluntarily terminated your position with Full Steam Espresso.


Time off requests for a single day should be made seven (7) days in advance. Time off requests for two or more consecutive days should be made 30 days in advance.

We will do our best to accommodate all requests. However, in the case of multiple team members requesting the same period(s) of time off, requests will be considered on a first come, first served basis. Additionally, time off may not be granted if the absence of the team member would cause an undue hardship on operational needs or other team members for that period of time.

Time off requests not subject to protected leave are limited to 14 work days every six (6) months. Any time off request for periods longer than two (2) weeks consecutive or over 14 days, may result in a reduction in regular hours, as well as a drop to temporary team member status.


Team members receive rest and meal periods in accordance to the length of their work period.

Rest periods (breaks) are ten (10) minutes in length. To the extent possible, breaks should be taken in the middle of each 4-hour work segment. Breaks are paid so team members do not need to clock out during this time.

Meal periods are 30 minutes in length. To the extent possible, meal periods should be taken in the middle of the work period. Meal periods are not compensated so team members need to clock out during this time.

Breaks and meal periods may be coordinated by your shift lead or manager to avoid disrupting the general flow of work and to ensure team members are taking them at the proper time.


Length of work period Number of rest breaks required Number of meal periods required
2hrs or less 0 0
2hrs 1min – 5hrs 59min 1 0
6hrs 1 1
6hrs 1min – 10hrs 2 1
10hrs 1min – 13hrs 59min 3 1
14hrs 3 2


Full Steam Espresso keeps personnel files for each team member. Files include personnel records such as job applications, performance reviews, and salary information. Personnel files are the property of Full Steam Espresso and access to the information is restricted. Only management personnel of Full Steam Espresso who have a legitimate reason to review the file are allowed to do so.

Team members who wish to review their personnel records should contact a manager. Full Steam Espresso will make an employee’s personnel records available for supervised review within a reasonable amount of time, and in accordance with state law.


It is the responsibility of each team member to promptly notify their manager of any changes in personnel data such as name, mailing address, telephone number(s), individual(s) to be contacted in the event of an emergency, and the name and number of dependents (if applicable for company sponsored benefit programs).


In accordance with Federal law, Full Steam Espresso verifies all team members’ eligibility to work in the United States. Team members complete an Employment Eligibility Verification Form, commonly referred to as an I-9 form. Team members are required to present acceptable forms of documentation to confirm their citizenship or eligibility to work in the United States. Former team members who are rehired must also complete the form if they have not completed an I-9 with Full Steam Espresso within the past three years or if their previous I-9 is no longer retained or valid.


Full Steam Espresso complies with all State and Federal laws governing the employment of minors. Although minors over 14 years old are now no longer required to obtain work permits, Full Steam Espresso is required to verify the age of every minor hired. Full Steam Espresso will also apply, and be approved, for a single annual employment certificate from BOLI’s Child Labor Unit prior to the minor’s hire. All Full Steam Espresso team members must be 16 years of age or older.


Managers will conduct performance reviews and planning sessions with all regular full-time and regular part-time team members after six months of service. Managers may conduct informal performance reviews and planning sessions more often if they choose.

Performance reviews and planning sessions are designed for the manager and the team member to discuss current job tasks, encourage and recognize attributes, and discuss positive, purposeful approaches for meeting work related goals. Together, you and your manager will discuss ways in which you can accomplish goals or learn new skills. The planning sessions are designed for you and your manager to make and agree on new goals, skills, and areas for improvement.

Full Steam Espresso directly links wage and salary increases with performance. Your performance review and planning sessions will have a direct effect on any changes in your compensation. For this reason, among others, it is important to prepare for these reviews and sessions carefully, and participate in them fully.


While we want our employees to enjoy their work and feel their time with us is well spent, Full Steam Espresso holds each of its team members to certain work rules and standards of conduct. When a team member deviates from these rules and standards, Full Steam Espresso will take appropriate corrective action.

Corrective action at Full Steam Espresso is progressive. That is, the action taken in response to a rule infraction or violation of standards typically increases in seriousness until the infraction or violation is corrected. If the infraction or violation is not corrected, the team member’s employment may be terminated.

A usual sequence of corrective actions may include coaching, a verbal warning, a written warning, probation, and finally termination of employment. In deciding which initial corrective action(s) would be appropriate, your manager will consider the seriousness of the infraction, the circumstances surrounding the matter, and the team member’s previous record.

Though committed to a progressive approach to corrective action, Full Steam Espresso may jump to whatever level of discipline it deems appropriate in the circumstances. Certain rule infractions and violations of standards are grounds for immediate termination of employment. These include but are not limited to:

  • Proven incidents of discrimination and harassment
  • Theft in any form
  • Grossly insubordinate behavior
  • Violent or illegal behavior
  • Vandalism or destruction of company property
  • Using company equipment and/or company vehicles without prior authorization by the company
  • Dishonesty about personal work history, skills, or training
  • Divulging Protected Information
  • Misrepresenting Full Steam Espresso to a customer, a prospective customer, the general public, other coffee roasters/cafes, wholesale accounts or a fellow team member.


Prior to departure from Full Steam Espresso, team members shall return all files, records, keys, equipment, tools and any other materials that are property of Full Steam Espresso. Employees will receive their final pay in accordance with applicable state law.

Further, as a courtesy, 2-weeks written notice is requested when a non-exempt team member intends to terminate their employment with Full Steam Espresso, and four weeks written notice from an exempt team member.

Full Steam Espresso generally schedules exit interviews at the time of a voluntary termination. This is an opportunity to discuss such things as employee experience, benefits, conversion privileges, and to voice suggestions, complaints, and questions.


Full Steam Espresso regards the safety of its team members very seriously. Full Steam Espresso provides information to team members about workplace safety and health issues through regular internal communications such as training sessions, team meetings, bulletin board postings, and memoranda.

Each team member is expected to obey safety rules and exercise caution and common sense in all work activities. Team members must immediately report any unsafe conditions to their manager. Team members who violate safety standards, cause hazardous or dangerous situations, fail to report, or where appropriate, remedy such situations, may be subject to corrective action. In the case of an accident that results in injury, regardless of how insignificant the injury may appear, team members must notify their manager.


The health of all Full Steam Espresso team members is important. Health and medical information of team members is protected and confidential. Team members are encouraged to speak with their manager if a health-related issue may impact their performance.

Team members who are absent from work due to illness may be required to provide a physician’s note to excuse the absence and/or to release the team member back to work.

To prevent the spread of illness and/or disease, team members are expected to adhere to all workplace health codes determined by the current working location. Upon hire, team members whose position requires a Food Handler card will be notified.


In the event a team member requires immediate medical attention, whether injured or becoming ill while at work, the injured team member must notify their manager immediately. A coworker or other party within the vicinity may also notify a manager if the injured or ill team member cannot.

If the seriousness of the injury or illness warrants it, call 911. Qualified Emergency Medical Services technicians will be able to evaluate the injury/illness on site and determine the appropriate action to take.

Team members requiring transport to a medical facility are to be transported by a professional medical transport provider only and not by other team members.

Documentation of the event and reporting of the injury/illness must be completed within 24 hours.


Although infrequent, there may be occasions of inclement weather or emergencies that affect Full Steam Espresso’s ability to open for business and team members’ ability to get to work. The safety of team members is paramount in any emergency. When it is determined that it is unsafe to operate as usual, team members will receive official notification from their manager. That said, as conditions may vary from location to location, you are expected to use your discretion in deciding whether it is safe to travel.

Should a Full Steam Espresso location be open during an inclement weather event, and a team member is unable to make it to work, they must contact their manager as soon as possible to let them know they won’t make it in to work. If weather and road conditions improve, employees are expected to make every effort to make it to work as soon as it is safe to do so.

Time off from scheduled work due to emergency closings is unpaid time.


All team members who are issued keys to any Full Steam Espresso location are responsible for their safekeeping. Team members may only use their key(s) to access the workplace or facility during work hours, unless otherwise authorized. Team members may not copy their key(s) or allow another individual to use their key(s) unless authorized by an owner. If a team member loses their key(s), they must notify their manager immediately.

The last team member, or a designated team member, to leave any location at the end of the business day is responsible for ensuring all doors are securely locked, the alarm system is armed (if applicable), thermostats are set on appropriate evening and/or weekend setting (if applicable), and all lights are turned off with exception of any lights normally left on for security purposes. Team members are not allowed on the property after hours without prior authorization from the manager or owner.


Only authorized team members may purchase supplies, equipment, or any other items or materials in the name of Full Steam Espresso.

With prior approval only, appropriate, allowable, necessary business expenses may be reimbursed if a team member pays the expense from personal funds. The original receipt together with a request for reimbursement must be submitted to your manager within 30 days of the purchase.


Street parking / Parking lot parking is available at each location of Full Steam Espresso. Team members may park their vehicles in areas indicated and are responsible for paying any fees in metered spots. Full Steam Espresso is not responsible for paying team member parking tickets or violations.


Full Steam Espresso telephones are intended for conducting company business. Use of the company phone for personal use is discouraged except in the case of an emergency. Team members needing to make or receive a personal phone call should use their mobile phone during their break or meal period.


Full Steam Espresso is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and to promoting the health and wellbeing of its team members. Smoking is not permitted inside any of our business locations. This applies to team members, guests, customers, vendors, and service providers.

Team members who smoke may do so on their break(s) and meal period(s). Additional breaks for smoking are not allowed.



Team members are required to wear & display Full Steam Espresso branded apparel while working their designated shift. Team members are required to maintain a neat and clean appearance that is appropriate for the workplace setting and for the work being performed. Full Steam Espresso encourages employees to dress comfortably for work. Common sense should be your guide. Attire must not prevent work or contribute to any safety hazards. Shoes must be closed toe and flat.

Team members should not wear anything that other employees might find offensive or discomforting. This includes clothing with profane language, discriminatory messages, or controversial content that is related to, for example, politics, religion, sexuality, race, age, gender, and ethnicity. Our goal is to provide a workplace environment that is comfortable and inclusive for all employees and customers.

Full Steam Espresso recognizes the importance of individually held religious beliefs to team members. We will reasonably accommodate a team member’s religious beliefs in terms of workplace attire unless the accommodation creates an undue hardship or safety concern for the employee and his or her coworkers. Team members requesting a workplace attire accommodation based on religious beliefs should speak with their manager or the Human Resources department.


Team members are expected to practice good hygiene and grooming habits. Hair, teeth, nails, hands, and clothing should be clean and body odor should not be present. Team members are not permitted to wear nail polish or scents, aromas, perfumes or colognes.



Each team member’s hourly wage or annual salary will be reviewed at least once each year. The team member’s review will usually be conducted on or about the anniversary date of employment or the date of the previous compensation review. Such review may be conducted more frequently for a newly created position, or based on a recent promotion.

Increases will be determined based on performance, adherence to company policies and procedures, ability to meet or exceed duties per job description, and achievement of performance goals.


Accurately recording time worked is the responsibility of every team member. “Time worked” is considered to be the time actually spent on the job performing assigned duties. Team members must honestly record the time they begin and end work, as well as the beginning and ending time of their meal period. They should also record the beginning and ending time of any split shift. As a general rule, team members should clock in not more than 5 minutes before the start of their scheduled work period and clock out not more than 5 minutes after the end of the work period.

Full Steam Espresso does not pay for extended breaks or time spent on personal matters not covered by sick leave.

In the event a team member misses a punch on the time clock for any reason, the missed punch must be reported as soon as possible, and at the latest before the end of each pay period. Missed punches are reviewed and adjusted by your manager. Accuracy of recording time is essential for team members to receive the correct amount of pay and to capture labor data. Patterns of missing punches on a regular basis will be addressed by your manager, and repeated issues may lead to discipline.

Altering, falsifying, tampering with time records, or recording on another team member’s time record is prohibited.


When operating requirements or other needs cannot be met during regular working hours, employees may occasionally work overtime hours. All overtime work performed by a non-exempt regular hourly rate team member must be approved by your manager or an owner.

Overtime compensation is paid to non-exempt team members in accordance with Federal and State wage and hour restrictions. Overtime is payable for all hours worked over 40 per week at a rate of one and one-half time the team member’s regular hourly rate. Personal time off, holidays, vacation, or any leave of absence will not be considered hours worked when calculating overtime.


Team members are paid via direct deposit every other Thursday, one week after the end of a two-week payroll period. Each paycheck will include earnings for all hours worked during the payroll period less deductions for taxes, elected benefits, and court ordered garnishments. In the event that a regularly scheduled payday falls on a holiday, team members will receive pay on the previous business day.

Team members are required to enroll in direct deposit, however, Full Steam Espresso understands that there may be instances where this may cause an undue hardship on the team member. In this circumstance, you should contact your manager as soon as possible to discuss options.

Paychecks will not, under any circumstances, be given to a person other than the team member without written authorization.


Full Steam Espresso offers benefit programs for its regular full-time and regular part-time employees. 



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Team members with the position of Shift Lead, Assistant Manager, Manager or Area Manager with Regular Full Time status, (Section 2.2) are eligible once per calendar year to receive 5 days (8 hours per day) paid time off. The days taken can be individual or together depending upon staffing needs. All rules apply the same as regular non-paid time off (Section 5.6). Days not claimed by the end of calendar year are eliminated and reset January 1st.


Team members will be granted time off to serve on a jury, act as a court witness, or for military leave, without pay and in accordance with Federal law. However, all regular team members both full-time or part-time will be kept on the active payroll until their civic duties have been completed. A copy of the jury duty summons and all other associated paperwork for civic duty are required for your personnel file.


Full Steam Espresso will be closed for business on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day so team members can spend time with their families and friends.


Team members are protected by Workers’ Compensation Insurance. This insurance covers a team member by providing, among other things, medical care and compensation for lost wages resulting from an injury or illness arising out of, or in the course of, work at Full Steam Espresso. Team members are expected to work safely and in a safe environment.

To ensure team members receive any Workers’ Compensation benefits to which they are entitled, you must immediately report any accident or injury to your manager, seek medical treatment and follow-up care if required, and promptly complete a written Employee Claim form which must be returned to the management team.

Full Steam Espresso follows all applicable Return to Work laws.


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  • One complimentary coffee, energy drink, espresso beverage and or tea during a worked shift
  • 50% off retail price on food & pastry items, as well as bottled beverages during a worked shift
  • (Coming Soon) One free 12oz bag of fresh roasted coffee beans per week
  • (Coming Soon) 50% off retail price of fresh roasted coffee beans purchased after free 12oz bag
  • Retail merchandise may be purchased at Full Steam Espresso’s cost

50% discount on any single beverage for (off the clock) employees

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